• Things to keep in mind when choosing a software development company

    The software outsourcing development market is flooded with a large number of unreliable outsourcing companies. The professional level of team members is generally low, and the service awareness is poor. Create a brand image with twisted packaging and get customers at low prices. For those who do not understand this industry, they are likely to be deceived. For the demand side, the significance of outsourcing is to allow professionals to do professional things and reduce project costs. But the point is to let professionals do professional things to solve project…

  • How to do a good job in software outsourcing for software outsourcing companies

    When people talk about outsourcing, especially traditional outsourcing, people usually feel unreliable. The reason is that software outsourcing is a non-standard service, and it is difficult to fully agree on the work content at the beginning. The fundamental reason lies in industry barriers and information asymmetry. The demand side usually expounds business needs, while developers face development needs directly. In addition, there are a large number of unreliable outsourcing companies in the market, and the team members generally have low professional level and poor service awareness. Create a brand image…