• What are the benefits and optimization methods of optimizing internal links

    The links made to different pages in a website are generally called internal links. Usually, optimizing internal links is a very important aspect when optimizing a website. Here I will introduce to you the benefits of optimizing the internal link and how to optimize it. The benefits of optimizing internal links 1. For a website, how to let the visiting users reach each page depends on the internal link. Adding the internal link of a website is not done well. The user originally wanted to visit page A but opened…

  • What should be paid attention to in the custom development of marketing management and control applets

    More and more companies have begun to develop small program applications for their own products. Each company puts forward different needs according to the characteristics of its own business operations. It must not only provide external marketing, but also open up with internal systems to form a complete set of sales from external to internal. Production process control. For small program applications that need to cover external marketing promotion and internal process control, then custom development is more appropriate. Next, I will briefly introduce how to do a good job…

  • Shanghai website SEO optimization: What is the role of website internal links?

    Most webmasters and SEO optimization practitioners understand that if you want to do a good job in website SEO optimization, you must do a good job in internal optimization (also can be understood as the optimization of internal links). What is internal linking? Internal links refer to mutual links between pages under the same website domain name (also known as in-site links). For example, the home page links to the channel page, the channel page links to the content page, the content pages link to each other, and the inner…