• What functions does basketball social app development have?

    Basketball is of great significance to boys, so many male users will use their free time to play basketball. Not only can they experience the feeling of sweating profusely, but they can also make like-minded friends. In today’s basketball game social circle, there are scattered There are many tournaments, and the chess players coming and going are all the same. Provide users with services such as game news, exciting games, basketball hoops, and player updates. Basketball social app development function 1. Game news: There will be a CBA/NBA League every…

  • What are the uses of NFT technology in real life? What are the application scenarios?

    The NFT industry layout in overseas markets is complete and competition in the industry is fierce. NFT focuses on trading platforms and fashion social networking, and NFT collections, games, finance, etc. are developing simultaneously. In China, digital collections and corporate digital marketing are the main focus, and they are gradually beginning to experiment with digital people, games, etc. In addition, NFT application scenarios also include access authorization categories such as sports, cultural relics and history, music, and ticketing. 1. Collection Scarcity is an important attribute of collectibles. The immutability of…

  • H5 small game production

    H5 mini-game is a form of interactive marketing, which attracts users with the charm of the game and allows users to participate in the activity naturally. Playability of H5 mini games Users are always full of curiosity about new things, and H5 mini-games exist like this. H5 mini-games are constantly innovating. From the beginning of “Surround the Nervous Cat” to the later “Jump”, puzzle, answering, action, etc., the playability of H5 mini-games is getting higher and higher. Being able to meet the needs of different users will also allow companies…

  • What information is needed for WeChat h5 game development

    WeChat H5 game development requires the following information: 1. WeChat public platform account: You need to register a WeChat public platform account before you can create mini programs and activate H5 game developer permissions. 2. Developer tools: WeChat developer tools are necessary tools for developing WeChat applets and H5 games, which need to be downloaded and installed. 3. Development language: WeChat H5 game development supports multiple development languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, etc. 4. Game materials: You need to prepare the materials needed for the game, including background…

  • How to develop WeChat games

    WeChat game is a game based on WeChat platform, which does not require users to download and install, and can be played directly in WeChat. WeChat games have the characteristics of rapid spread, large number of users, and strong sociality, so they have gradually become an important choice for game developers. Below we will introduce in detail how to develop WeChat games. 1. Determine game type and size Before developing a WeChat game, you first need to determine the type and scale of the game. There are many types of…

  • How Wechat Games Are Developed

    WeChat is one of the largest social platforms in China, with hundreds of millions of users. Therefore, WeChat game development has become a popular choice for many developers. The development process of WeChat games involves multiple steps, including game design, development, testing, and publishing. 1. Game Design: Before you start game development, you need to do game design. Game design is the first step in game development, which includes the goal of the game, gameplay, game levels, etc. Game design needs to consider factors such as the type of game,…