• Shanghai software development-several development methods for official accounts, mini programs, and APPs

    Nowadays, I love you, official accounts, mini programs, and APPs play a big role in a company, so even some small and medium-sized enterprises will create their own official accounts, mini programs, and APPs. Let’s talk about official accounts, mini programs, and APPs. several development methods. Method 1: Apply template Advantages: Easy to make. Disadvantages: No professional and advanced functions, restricted by third parties. There are some small program templates or third-party platform SaaS system templates provided on the Internet. There are some simple malls and the like that can…

  • What is the development method of WeChat official account?

    The development of the WeChat public account is mainly based on the development interface and tools of the WeChat public platform. The following is some information about the development of WeChat official account. 1. Developer registration and authentication: First, the developer needs to register a developer account on the WeChat public platform and perform identity authentication. After certification, developers will get some privileges, such as custom menus, template messages, etc. 2. Developer tools: WeChat provides some developer tools, such as WeChat public platform, WeChat open platform, etc. Developers can use…