• Will NFT technology change the art world and the development prospects of NFT?

    NFTs are digital objects that are verified on the blockchain and have properties such as uniqueness and non-fungibility. They can take the form of almost any category, but most notably come in the form of art, music, items in blockchain-based video games, and videos. Let’s discuss whether NFT will change the art world in the future and the future prospects of NFT. We are optimistic about this and believe that NFT will have a great impact on the art world in the future. One area where NFTs have taken off…

  • Introduction to common NFT projects and platforms

    Recently, I heard some friends talking about how NFT technology will subvert the field of art collection, and then I asked them how to subvert it, but no one could explain clearly. I can’t help but ask those friends, when a thing that you don’t even want to understand, just follow others’ advice to subvert this and subvert that, in the end it’s a waste of your own time in these slogans and reduces the space for your own independent thinking. The following are some of our common someNFT project…