• An essential tool for mastering entertainment information: Entertainment WeChat Mini Program

    With the development of science and technology, people’s lifestyles are also constantly changing. In this era of information explosion, we need a convenient and efficient tool to obtain all kinds of information. The WeChat applet is such a powerful tool that can help us easily obtain entertainment information. Professional Mini program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce to you some of the main functions of the entertainment information WeChat applet, allowing you to understand the latest entertainment trends anytime and anywhere. 1. Real-time push The biggest feature of the entertainment…

  • What does WeChat developer tool do

    WeChat Developer Tool is a development tool based on the WeChat public platform, which is mainly used for the development, debugging and release of WeChat applets. It can provide a wealth of development tools and debugging functions to help developers quickly develop WeChat applets. It also provides a wealth of components, APIs and tools to facilitate developers to develop programs. WeChat developer tools mainly include the following functions: 1. Code editor WeChat developer tool provides a special code editor, which can conveniently write applet code. It supports multiple languages, including…

  • What is the name of the WeChat applet development tool?

    WeChat Mini Program Development Tool is called “WeChat Developer Tools”, which is a tool software developed by WeChat that integrates development, debugging, preview, upload and other functions. The tool can run on both Windows and MacOS operating systems. Users can use this tool to develop and debug small programs on the computer, and preview the effect in real time. WeChat developer tools mainly include the following modules: 1. Project management: It is possible to create, open, close, import, and export applet projects, which is convenient for users to manage multiple…