• Shanghai WeChat Development Company: What are the benefits of WeChat public account development?

    The WeChat public platform is developed to express corporate information, services, activities and other contents through WeChat web pages. Users can generate WeChat 3G websites through simple settings. Display the corporate brand to WeChat users through the WeChat public platform, reduce publicity costs, establish one-to-one interaction and communication between the company and consumers, and connect consumers to the corporate CRM system for promotion, promotion, publicity, after-sales, etc. A mainstream online and offline WeChat interactive marketing method has been formed. New Mileage, a professional Shanghai WeChat development company, is here to…

  • Transformation and upgrading of APP development in the catering industry

    In recent years, the development of the offline catering industry has not been optimistic. However, through APP software development, merchants can obtain more customers online, which to a certain extent promotes the transformation and upgrading of the offline industry. In addition, users can also check nearby stores through the APP, which is very convenient for users to order online and then go to the store. What is the value of developing APP applications for companies in the catering industry? First of all, it is conducive to improving the construction of…

  • What are the benefits to enterprises of developing mobile APPs in traditional manufacturing industries?

    In today’s era of rapid development of the mobile Internet, traditional manufacturing industries are gradually getting involved in the mobile Internet. Through mobile APPs, employees can work more conveniently and quickly, and leaders can have a clearer understanding of the various situations of each position. So here the editor will give you a brief analysis. What are the benefits to enterprises of developing mobile APPs in traditional manufacturing industries? The content is for reference only, I hope it can help everyone. 1. Improve work efficiency. Many things can be completed…

  • What are the advantages and functions of developing a wedding app?

    People nowadays will take a set of wedding photos before getting married to commemorate this important day, and taking wedding photos has gradually become a trend of the times. The wedding dress industry has also received unprecedented development opportunities. In order to enhance the competitiveness of its own stores, many stores have developed corresponding wedding dress applets. What are the advantages of developing a wedding dress app? What kind of functions can it provide? 1. What are the advantages of developing a wedding dress app? 1. Convenient acquisition: Change the…

  • WeChat official account through what development

    WeChat official account is implemented through development tools and interfaces based on the WeChat open platform. The following will introduce the development process and related technologies of the official account. First of all, WeChat official account development is mainly divided into two types: subscription account and service account. Subscription accounts are suitable for individuals or organizations to publish information, while service accounts are more suitable for enterprises to provide services and applications. Whether it is a subscription account or a service account, the basic process of development is similar. Before…