• How to do a good job in product design of APP applications?

    Many companies can do APP design, but the application experience of most APP designs is not very ideal. The most important task before the development of any APP application is firstly positioning. Only when the positioning is clear can the subsequent requirements and development and testing processes be smooth. The second is product quality, and the third is marketing methods. So, how to do a good job in product design of APP applications? 1. Product positioning and market analysis The job of the UI visual designer at this stage is…

  • What is UI Design? What are the workflow steps?

    A beautiful, unified and standardized UI interface design is a means to retain users, and the real value of UI interface design is to realize the “maximization” of business value. When looking at the development of Internet App products, no one is obliged to discover the excellent connotation of your App products through your poor UI design. How to understand the UI? Baidu Encyclopedia explains “user interface”, that is, user interface, an interface that can interact with humans and computers. Some people understand it from the computer’s point of view:…

  • How are applets made?

    The feature of scanning the code to use the mini program without downloading has gained a lot of users. With the increasing number of users, many companies are now starting to deploy their own mini program products, using the mini program to promote and provide services. So, today I will introduce to you how the applet is made. 1. Interface design Design an interface style that meets the company’s characteristics according to user needs, and proceed to the next step after confirming the style. After all, the online mini-program product…

  • What is the WeChat developer model

    WeChat developer mode refers to a mode in which developers use WeChat API interface and development tools to develop and manage WeChat official accounts through the WeChat public platform. The WeChat developer mode provides developers with a series of tools and interfaces, enabling developers to develop and manage WeChat official accounts in a richer and more personalized way. Under the WeChat developer mode, developers can use their own development to build the WeChat official account into a platform that is more in line with their own brand image and user…

  • How to develop WeChat interface

    WeChat interface development is a very important job, which allows our application to seamlessly interact with the WeChat official account. In this article, we will introduce in detail how to develop WeChat interface. The first step: register WeChat official account Before developing the WeChat interface, we need to register a WeChat official account. The process of registering a public account is very simple, just follow the guidelines of the WeChat public platform. After the registration is complete, we need to obtain some key information, such as AppID and AppSecret. The…

  • What is WeChat public account interface development

    WeChat official account interface development is an application development method based on the WeChat platform. By using the WeChat official account interface, developers can interact with WeChat users and provide various functions and services. WeChat official account interface development can realize diversified functions to meet the needs of different users. These include but are not limited to the following: 1. Message management: Developers can receive and send messages through the official account interface. For example, it can receive text, pictures, voice and other messages sent by the user, and process…