• How to reduce development costs when developing a mobile app?

    Today is the era of mobile Internet. More and more companies are investing in the development of mobile APPs to obtain mobile traffic through mobile APPs, thereby achieving marketing and promotion effects. However, the high development costs have deterred many companies. So how to reduce development costs when developing a ( mobile APP? 1. Start with the development requirements. Most of the reasons for high development costs are determined by the development requirements. The more complex the development requirements, the higher the costs. The simpler the development requirements, the lower…

  • WeChat development company: What costs are involved in WeChat official account development?

    Before developing a WeChat official account, it is recommended to conduct a detailed demand analysis and budget planning in order to better understand the development costs. New Mileage Technology, a professional WeChat official account development company, will tell you that the costs involved in the development of WeChat official accounts include the following aspects. 1. Registration Fee Registering a WeChat official account is free, but you need to provide some necessary information for authentication, such as corporate or personal identity certificates. The materials required for these certifications may involve some…