• What is a blockchain wallet? What are the development process and main functions of a blockchain wallet?

    Development of blockchain wallet According to incomplete statistics, more than 2 billion US dollars have been lost in digital currency exchanges, thus revealing the biggest bottleneck in the current development of the exchange field – the issue of asset security. How can we solve the pain point of exchange asset security? When it comes to blockchain exchange wallet development, some investors may choose to build their own team to develop independently or use a wallet system specially developed by a third-party developer. First of all, it should be clear what…

  • Blockchain Metaverse: What blockchain technologies does the Metaverse include?

    You can travel around the universe at will. You can just discuss the latest consultation with your American friends, the next second you can ask your Korean friends to play games together on Mars, and at night you can watch Jay Chou. ‘s concert. Maybe that bored ape sitting next to you at the concert is your real-life boss. Turn fantasy into reality and make everything immersive! The future blockchain metaverse: NFT, Dao, GameFi, DeFi, etc., people bring specific equipment to enter the metaverse: 1. Link the wallet address. The…